Status is an Ethereum-based project that allows users to work with the Ethereum blockchain directly from their smartphones. In fact, it is a mobile application combining a browser, messenger, payment system and many other functions available on Ethereum, including simple exchange of smart contracts between users.

What makes Status unique, is that it was first to offer any user an opportunity to access the advantages of blockchain directly from their mobile device. A very simple and intuitive interface enables anyone to exchange fully encrypted messages, make payments, store cryptocurrency, search the network, and exchange tokens for other tokens supported by Ethereum.

Status already supports dApps, such as uPort (digital identity), Gnosis (a crowd-sourced platform for market predictions), Etherisc (a decentralized insurance system), Ethlance (a decentralized jobs marketplace for freelancers), and Ujo (copyright management).

We invest in SNT, because a huge number of decentralized applications will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain as early as this year. The more of them appear, the more relevant personal identification and copyright issues will become. Simple user solutions will be increasingly in demand as the blockchain penetrates the consumer market.

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