Raiden Network Token

Raiden Network is an easily scalable solution for OTC networks, which provides an opportunity to receive instant payments with low commissions. It is planned to use payment channel network for the safe transfer of value off-chain, i.e. without using blockchain for each transfer. The technology complements the Ethereum blockchain and is compatible with any marker that meets ERC20 standards.

Raiden offers accelerated confirmations that take less than one second. Individual transfers are not shown in the shared ledger, ensuring privacy. Only payment amount is visible, while the other transaction data are only accessible to the payer and the payee.

Raiden Network transfer fees will be several orders of magnitude lower than on other networks. The project enables developers to build scalable decentralized applications.

The Fund has invested in the project not only because it furthers the off-chain scaling technology, but also because it is trusted and supported by key developers of Ethereum, who are currently some of the strongest blockchain industry professionals.

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