Dash is a platform for instant, private payments online and in-store. It uses secure software and an open source and is hosted by thousands of users around the world.

With the InstantSend function, payments are confirmed in less than a second and PrivateSend provides privacy. The network is comprised of more than 4,100 servers.

Dash technology uses a unique P2P network architecture with a built-in reward system. Miners are rewarded for blockchain security, and masternodes are rewarded for checking, storage and providing the blockchain to users. This reward system allows the network to increase the number of users and the value of the coin.

We invest in Dash because it offers one of the best cryptocurrencies, featuring privacy, high speed and a low cost of transactions. This is one of the coins that use the PoS mining algorithm. Something that presents a challenge to the community had already been deployed by them several years ago.

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