AirSwap position themselves as a secure platform for trading and exchanging Ethereum assets on a blockchain, or as a decentralized exchange. It is based on the peer-to-peer protocol called Swap.

AirSwap’s goals are to do as much of the trading as possible off-chain with the possibility of negotiations. Trades are settled with atomic swaps between tokens. AirSwap is faster than a blockchain-based exchange, because orders and values do not need to be put into smart contracts on the network before being able to be executed.

AirSwap offers advantages to traditional trading on exchanges in that it lowers transaction prices overall, as you do not have to pay a fee to list, cancel or change orders.

The immediate competitors of AirSwap are Kyber Network (as they use a very similar concept) and 0x (who have an already working platform).

Advance.Fund invested in AirSwap because according to our analytics, in the nearest years, a trend will be formed by infrastructural projects that are really useful to the p2p community. Exchanges are in one way or another intermediaries, which can set any fees, while this project allows the avoidance of an exchange and simplifies the exchange process, including between robots.

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