Investing in technology is investing in the future

We believe that the future well-being of society and of each individual directly depends on the development of technology today.

At some point in the past, the Internet turned the world upside down, forever changing people’s behavior patterns all over the world. It has taught us to communicate with each other in a different way. It has transformed our attitudes to work and time. It has opened up countless opportunities. It has also given birth to an inexhaustible number of functions, applications and services that millions of people and organizations around the world use every day.

Like many people in science, business, politics, public life and millions of other enthusiasts all over the world, we are sure that blockchain is the new internet. The potential of decentralized systems is as good as the capabilities offered by the World Wide Web. Certainly, blockchain technology will not replace the Internet, but it will considerably complement it.

The financial system is already changing, becoming more convenient, faster and less expensive thanks to blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. Hundreds of companies already have fast access to reliable information through distributed databases. Thousands of business projects are starting to use tokens to gain new development opportunities. Smart contracts are actively used to automate insurance and lending processes, support interactions between robotic systems without human input, and provide the continuity of internal processes in major global companies.

Most importantly, cryptocurrencies enable millions of people to invest in new technology, and a large number of creators, visionaries and talented, committed teams have access to resources for the creation and development of such projects.

Our Mission

To promote blockchain technology and projects that use it by providing optimal conditions for collective investment.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Transparency breeds trust. We are fully transparent to our investors. We believe in what we do and have nothing to hide. Therefore, we always disclose our portfolio structure and explain why we invest in one project or another. We give as much detail as possible about the process and the reasons for our choice.
  • Technology means people. We invest a lot of time in getting to know the founders of the projects we invest in and keeping in touch with them. We believe that only a strong team can create a historically significant technology. Whatever the idea is, it is always implemented by specific people.
  • Consistency produces success. We are firm in pursuing our strategy. We don’t succumb to hype and avoid being confused by market volatility. We are firmly aware that the technologies we invest in will be in demand, meaning that our portfolio assets will grow in value. It is essential to be able to analyze rigorously, have access to all available information, and make careful choices.
  • Success must be shared. We only earn on what our investors earn. It is unacceptable for us to gain profit while our investors don’t. Therefore, we use the Success Fee monetization model to calculate our percentage of the customer’s income.

We bring together the needs of those creating new technology projects and the interests of investors. This is how we make money, and make a difference. Join us!